About Us

The Alameda Creek Watershed Forum (acwForum) is a voluntary, non-regulatory stakeholder group that supports the community’s interest in protecting and achieving a healthy and sustainable Alameda Creek watershed. acwForum stakeholders include agencies and organizations with stewardship interests in, and whose purview includes, the Alameda Creek watershed, as well as watershed organization members, watershed landowners and land managers, residents, and others.

The watershed’s stakeholders have been working together as the Alameda Creek Watershed Council (ACWC) since 2007. The name change to acwForum, and the acwForum.org website are meant to reflect a renewed focus on information sharing and collaboration among agencies and organizations with an interest in working toward a well-managed and restored watershed.


The Alameda Creek Watershed Forum’s stakeholders strive to protect and enhance water-related beneficial uses and resources in the Alameda Creek Watershed in order to create a healthy and sustainable watershed for the community. The acwForum will promote collaboration and the sharing of information among all stakeholders.

Map of Alameda Creek Watershed
ACWC Cover Letter (pdf)
ACWC Letter of Understanding (pdf)

Watershed Goals

The Alameda Creek Watershed Council established goals focusing on the following areas:

  • Flood Control and Storm Water Quality
  • Recreation
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resources and Wildlife
  • Water Supply
  • Public Outreach and Education

Download the ACWC/acwForum Watershed Goals (pdf)

Current Alameda Creek Watershed Council Members (Key Stakeholder Organizations)

Current key stakeholder organization members of the Alameda Creek Watershed Council / acwForum are:

Non-key stakeholder organizations of acwForum are welcome to participate in Forum meetings and in the pursuit of the Forum’s mission.

ACWC/acwForum Steering Committee

  • ACFC&WCD – Sharon Gosselin
  • ACRCD – Ian Howell, Allison Rodacker
  • City of Dublin – Shannan Young
  • City of Fremont – Sabrina Siebert
  • City of Livermore – Edward Reyes
  • East Bay Regional Parks District – Joe Sullivan
  • San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission – Carla Schultheis
  • Volunteer – Ralph Johnson (retired Alameda County)
  • Zone 7 – Elke Rank

map of watershed

Contact Us

acwForum Chair
Elke Rank
Zone 7 Water Agency
[email protected]

Vice Chair
Ralph Johnson
Retired Alameda County, Volunteer

Ian Howell
[email protected]

Website Editor/Assistance
Allison Rodacker
[email protected]